What is a sex party?

Sex parties is a private or semi public event where guest are allowed to engage in sexual activities with anyone in guest list. Most of the people are hesitant to attend these parties. It is a perfect idea for anyone who are shy but curious to about there sexual horizon. This party is like a meetup for people who are into kinks and festish activities. They are interested in participating in these activities with like minded people. 

Before you accept you should have best information about sex party. 

It’s a common misconception that everyone who attend sex party should have sex. There are plenty of people who go there out of curiosity, wander there handsome people with full intention but change their mind at the last minute. Sometimes people get anxious when they show up. The consent is mandatory in a sex party.

There are certain things you should check before attending any sex party. 

  • Check about the party.

Before attending any sex party you should do your research and check if it is right and meet your needs. The clubs that are hosting parties have different themes according to day and night. You should check our social media contact before entering on a particular night.

  • Protection

Your sexual health is most important. Most loves and parties offer condoms and leaves but it’s better to carry your own beforehand. You don’t know anyone there you don’t have any idea about their sexual health so it’s better to be protected before having intercourse. Keep your STI check up to date.

  • Consent is key

Everybody has there boundaries, if they are attending sex party it doesn’t mean they are ready to interact sexually with anyone. You sure ask their permission before touching and taking for the steps.

  • Avoid photos and videos

Most people attend the party anonymously.  If you take photos of video it is an invasion of other attendees’ privacy. You should avoid taking videos and photos in sex party so that you can enjoy and let other enjoy without worrying about revelation of identity. Many clubs prohibit bringing devices into parties. Your devices are submitted at the entrance.


The world is changing so the mystery surrounding about your sexual horizon are increasing. Sex parties are way to expand your horizon. It allows attendees to explore their kinks, fantasies and orientation. If you want to have fun, do a thorough research about the safety and legality of the party and make sure there are no dangerous elements involved there.

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